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I am Michael. I blog about helpful tips, anything from technical (e.g. how to remove computer virus ) to hobbies (e.g. how to solve the rubik's cube ) to my favorite crafts like how to make an origami swan that may help you solve an issue you've long had or simply inspired you to enjoy life more!

Google has been a great friend to me for helping me find solutions to my problems, but it is not omnipotent. Quite often I just cannot find the solution regardless of how I tweak the search query. It is frustrating and disappointing.

When that happens it doesn't mean that the solution does not exist. It may mean that it exists but for some reason you cannot find it on Google or any other search engine.

To that end I try to make every one of my blogs search engine friendly so that you have the best chance of finding useful information. This is the purpose behind!

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Apr 10, 2018

很多人都有悠遊卡,也有UUPON帳號,希望能透過悠遊卡消費得到UUPON點數,有趣的是,網路上居然沒有任何人知道如何透過悠遊卡集點,綁定悠遊卡後,直接用悠遊卡消費就能集點嗎? 還是消費時得把自己的會員行動條碼秀給結帳人員掃描?



首先,你得綁定你的悠遊卡跟你的UUPON帳號,我是透過UUPON APP達到此目的,你也可以透過便利商店的機器做這件事,這件事很容易,如果你有問題再問我。Questions? Let me know!


再來,只有當你在特約商消費時才能集點,你可以參考 這個網頁所列出的特約商,目前包括以下商店:

Hi-Life 萊爾富






答案是,不用! 只要直接用綁定的悠遊卡消費,就會自動集點!

但是為什麼我消費後,UUPON APP都沒有看到點數?

說好的點數到哪去了? 答案是,你必須等兩天,這是我的個人經驗,當你等了整整兩天後去UUPON APP看,仍然沒看到點數的話,就有問題了。

Questions? Let me know!
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