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Sep 22, 2018

[SOLVED] Get FB's Page Public Content Access for Your FB Page withOUT App Review!
Amazon Let's say you own a Facebook web app and a Facebook fan page. You are the admin of both the FB app and the FB page. You want to write a program to call the HTTPS Graph API to crawl the posts left on the FB page. The HTTPS URL looks like this:<your access token>

But when you do, you get a JSON error saying you must have your app reviewed in order to do this. Frustrated, you go to Facebook's app review page in Facebook for Developers. In FB's app review section, for the Page Public Content Access, you see this description:

While you are testing your app and before you submit it for review, your app can only access content on a Page for which the following is true: The person who holds the admin role for the Page also holds an admin, developer, or tester role on the app.

Since you are the admin of both the FB app and the FB page, you should be able to access content on the FB page programmatically via Facebook's Graph API. However, you keep getting the error asking you to go through FB's app review process.

Worse, there's no way for you to contact FB support staff directly, and nobody on Google knows. So what do you do? Read on to see how to get the Page Public Content Access without having to get your app reviewed.

Do NOT start a submission.

You may be tempted to go to the App Review section in Facebook for Developers and start a submission, but do NOT do that. This submission is for you to access public content on other Pages, which does not apply in this case.

Solution (takes 1 minute)

In Facebook for Developers, go to Tools -> Graph API Explorer. At the time of the writing the URL is

- Select the correct application in the Application drop down menu.

- Click on the Get Token drop down menu and select Get Page Access Token.

- You'll see a browser window saying <your app name> would like to manage your Pages. Click the OK button.

- Click on the Get Token drop down menu again and select the desired page access token.

- You should see the valid page access token in the Access Token text field. The token could be pretty long, almost 200 characters.

Use this access token for the access_token URL parameter in the HTTPS URL, and it should return the posts on that Page!

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