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May 11, 2020

iPhone SE 2 Weakness Against iPhone 6S REVEALED! iPhone SE 2 的超大缺點!
iPhone SE 2020 (or iPhone SE 2) came out on the market for pre-order on 2020/4/17. I ordered it to replace my iPhone 6S. I got my iPhone SE 2 on 2020/4/24. I started playing with my SE 2 since then, but shortly after I realized iPhone SE2 has a huge flaw against my iPhone 6S.

And no, the flaw has NOTHING to do with the screen size, battery life, camera lens, etc. that are discussed at length on other online forums. This flaw was inadvertently discovered by me and I figured I'd share it with the community.

我發現 iPhone SE 2020 有個超大缺點! iPhone SE2 居然有地方比 iPhone 6S 還弱! 請繼續閱讀。

iPhone SE2's HUGE weakness / iPhone SE2 的大缺陷

I usually hang out in my living room when I am at home. My iPhone 6S always has a good Wi-Fi signal in my living room, but I realized my iPhone SE2's Wi-Fi signal was worse than that of my iPhone 6S. When I got 3 bars on my iPhone 6S, I'd get 2 bars on my SE2. When I got 2 bars on my 6S, I'd get 1 bar on my SE2.

At first I thought it's due to the protective phone case. So I removed the phone cases from both phones. Then I used an APP called "Oka 測網速 - wifi 5G speedtest" to test the Wi-Fi speed from both phones when they were connected to the same Wi-Fi hotspot. I also switched their positions and tested again for fairness. I ran the test a couple of times every day for a week.

The test result was my iPhone 6S's Wi-Fi connectivity was consistently better than that of my iPhone SE2. Can you believe that the WiFi signal of the iPhone 6S is significantly BETTER than that of the iPhone SE2? They are four and a half years apart from each other.

So there you go. The result of my test was my iPhone SE2's Wi-Fi connectivity was consistently worse than that of my iPhone 6S.

Disclaimer: This is the actual result of an actual test I conducted at my own home. It doesn't represent the reality.

So if you are considering to get the iPhone SE2 keep it in mind.

我的測試結果是,iPhone SE2 的 Wi-Fi 訊號強度比 iPhone 6S 的 Wi-Fi 訊號強度還要弱。換句話說,iPhone 6S 的 Wi-Fi 訊號比 iPhone SE2 的 Wi-Fi 訊號還要強。


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