Jun 25, 2010

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A List of Windows Services Installed On Windows 7 in Factory State!

Amazon A couple of days ago I got my new Acer laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium on it and I immediately copied down the initial services installed on it because if I start downloading and installing software then this list will get bigger and I'll have no idea what services are important.. I'd like to share them with you

What are Windows Services?
A Window service is a program that is registered with Windows operating system as a service, and can be configured to run automatically at system startup. The service, once runs, can stop or continue running depending on its purpose.

Some services are critical and MUST run while others are merely additional features or functions that you may or may not want. You don't have to worry about accidentally unchecking critical services because when system starts up it'll automatically run critical services. Questions?

You can access your system's services by click Start -> type "msconfig" then enter -> click Services tab. Once you make changes reboot to have them reflected. You don't have to worry about making a mistake because you can always revert your changes later.
Many people want to know what services are essential and what are not so that we can turn off the unimportant ones to make our computers run faster.

List of Initial Services
Below is the list of names, manufacturers, and statuses of services that come with my Acer laptop. I'll also talk about what services you can turn off to speed up your computer.

Acer ePower ServiceAcer IncorporatedRunning
ActiveX Installer (AxInstSV)Microsoft CorporationStopped
Adaptive BrightnessMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Agere Modem Call Progress AudioLSI CorporationRunning
Application ExperienceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Application IdentityMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Application Layer Gateway ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Base Filtering EngineMicrosoft CorporationRunning
BitLocker Drive Encryption ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Block Level Backup Engine ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Bluetooth Support ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Certificate PropagationMicrosoft CorporationStopped
CNG Key IsolationMicrosoft CorporationRunning
COM+ Event SystemMicrosoft CorporationRunning
COM+ System ApplicationMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Computer BrowserMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Credential ManagerMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Cryptographic ServicesMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Desktop Window Manager Session ManagerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
DHCP ClientMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Diagnostic Policy ServiceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Diagnostic Service HostMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Diagnostic System HostMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Disk DefragmenterMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Distributed Link Tracking ClientMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Distributed Transaction CoordinatorMicrosoft CorporationStopped
DNS ClientMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Encrypting File System (EFS)Microsoft CorporationStopped
Extensible Authentication ProtocolMicrosoft CorporationRunning
FaxMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Function Discovery Provider HostMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Function Discovery Resource PublicationMicrosoft CorporationRunning
GameConsoleServiceWildTangent, Inc.Stopped
Google Software UpdaterGoogleStopped
Google Update Service (gupdate)Google Inc.Stopped
GRegServiceAcer IncorporatedRunning
Group Policy ClientMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Health Key and Certificate ManagementMicrosoft CorporationStopped
HomeGroup ListenerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
HomeGroup ProviderMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Human Interface Device AccessMicrosoft CorporationStopped
IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying ModulesMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Intel(R) Matrix Storage Event MonitorIntel CorporationRunning
Interactive Services DetectionMicrosoft CorporationRunning
IP HelperMicrosoft CorporationRunning
IPsec Policy AgentMicrosoft CorporationStopped
KtmRm for Distributed Transaction CoordinatorMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Link-Layer Topology Discovery MapperMicrosoft CorporationStopped
McAfee Anti-Spam ServiceMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee Application Installer CleanupMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee Network AgentMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee Personal Firewall ServiceMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee Proxy ServiceMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee Real-time ScannerMcAfee, Inc.Running
McAfee ScannerMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee ServicesMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee SiteAdvisor ServiceMcAfee, Inc.Stopped
McAfee SystemGuardsMcAfee, Inc.Running
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X64Microsoft CorporationStopped
Microsoft .NET Framework NGEN v2.0.50727_X86Microsoft CorporationStopped
Microsoft iSCSI Initiator ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Microsoft Office Diagnostics ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy ProviderMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Multimedia Class SchedulerMicrosoft CorporationStopped
NetlogonMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Network Access Protection AgentMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Network ConnectionsMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Network List ServiceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Network Location AwarenessMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Network Store Interface ServiceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
NTI Backup Now 5 Backup ServiceNewTech InfoSystem, Inc.Stopped
NTI Backup Now 5 Scheduler ServiceNewTech InfoSystem, Inc.Running
NTI IScheduleSvcNewTech InfoSystem, Inc.Running
Office Source EngineMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Parental ControlsMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Partner ServiceGoogle Inc.Stopped
Peer Name Resolution ProtocolMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Peer Networking GroupingMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Peer Networking Identity ManagerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Performance Counter DLL HostMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Performance Logs & AlertsMicrosoft CorporationStopped
PnP-X IP Bus EnumeratorMicrosoft CorporationStopped
PNRP Machine Name Publication ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Portable Device Enumerator ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
PowerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Print SpoolerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Problem Reports and Solutions Control Panel SupportMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Program Compatibility Assistant ServiceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Protected StorageMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Quality Windows Audio Video ExperienceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Remote Access Auto Connection ManagerMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Remote Access Connection ManagerMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Remote Desktop ConfigurationMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Remote Desktop ServicesMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) LocatorMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Remote RegistryMicrosoft CorporationStopped
RPC Endpoint MapperMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Secondary LogonMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Security Accounts ManagerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Security CenterMicrosoft CorporationRunning
ServerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Shell Hardware DetectionMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Smart CardMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Smart Card Removal PolicyMicrosoft CorporationStopped
SNMP TrapMicrosoft CorporationStopped
SPP Notification ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
SSDP DiscoveryMicrosoft CorporationRunning
SuperfetchMicrosoft CorporationRunning
System Event Notification ServiceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Tablet PC Input ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Task SchedulerMicrosoft CorporationRunning
TCP/IP NetBIOS HelperMicrosoft CorporationRunning
TelephonyMicrosoft CorporationStopped
ThemesMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Thread Ordering ServerMicrosoft CorporationStopped
TPM Base ServicesMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Updater ServiceAcerRunning
UPnP Device HostMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Virtual DiskMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Volume Shadow CopyMicrosoft CorporationStopped
WebClientMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows AudioMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows Audio Endpoint BuilderMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows BackupMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Biometric ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows CardSpaceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Color SystemMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Connect Now - Config RegistrarMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows DefenderMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver FrameworkMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows Error Reporting ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Event CollectorMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Event LogMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows FirewallMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows Font Cache ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)Microsoft CorporationStopped
Windows InstallerMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Management InstrumentationMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows Media Center Receiver ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Media Center Scheduler ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Media Player Network Sharing ServiceMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows Modules InstallerMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Windows Presentation Foundation Font Cache CorporationStopped
Windows Remote Management (WS-Management)Microsoft CorporationStopped
Windows SearchMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows TimeMicrosoft CorporationRunning
Windows UpdateMicrosoft CorporationRunning
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery ServiceMicrosoft CorporationStopped
Wired AutoConfigMicrosoft CorporationStopped
WLAN AutoConfigMicrosoft CorporationRunning
WMI Performance AdapterMicrosoft CorporationStopped
WorkstationMicrosoft CorporationRunning
WWAN AutoConfigMicrosoft CorporationStopped

Which Services Can I Turn Off?
In general you wouldn't want to mess with them too much because you might turn off a service of a dependency of one that plays sound from your speakers, browses the Internet, prints document, etc.

A rule of thumb is you shouldn't touch any service provided by Microsoft Corporation. Since I know what I am doing I turn off Microsoft services like Fax, FSService Platform, Windows Biometric Service, Windows Update, etc.
If you are an advanced user you can turn off services that are unimportant judging by their names. In the above list I'd turn off services with McAfee and Google because they are not essential to the operating system. Then I'd turn off services I don't need such as Bluetooth Support Service, Windows Firewall (I use Sygate firewall), Smart Card, Parental Controls, etc.

One way to absolutely know the minimum services you need simply uncheck one service and reboot and test. If you can hear audio, browse the net, etc., then proceed with unchecking the next service. If unchecking one fails the test check it back!
Any questions or comments let me know!
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