Aug 22, 2010

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Basic Jewelry Making Procedure

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Basic Jewelry Making Procedure
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Amazon Making jewelry is usually a long, excruciating process. Usually you spend most of your time polishing and making your piece beautiful after you solder them together. Once your piece is polished to your satisfaction you'll feel your effort has been well spent.

This process has been especially true when I was making the round brass pendant with a Chinese character on it. At least 70% of time was spent on smoothing the edges and buffing the front and back. I put together the following steps to making basic jewelry.

Prepare Materials

Shape Here you try to make metal the shape you want, by bending, pounding with a hammer, filing, biting with your teeth, attacking with your claws, etc.


Repeat the Above Two Steps as Necessary

Post Process Put the soldered product in the pot that we call a "pickle pot", which has a mild acid in it, in order to remove the dark oxide formed on your metal while soldering it.

Smooth and Polish To make your jewelry shiny, you need to polish it. We used machines called "buffers" to buff our rings. They are quite bulky and powerful. There is also this thing that looks like a soap or a clump of clay that you can use to make your metal shine. I find it very effective. Many types of metal oxidize, like brass. After you polish it it looks shiny for a day or two, and it gradually looks dark due to oxidizing. To prevent it from happening, you can put lacquer on it after you polish it.

If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you!

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