Aug 22, 2010

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Basic Jewelry Making Tools: Ring Clamp, Bench Pin, File, Saw, and More!

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Amazon Tools are very important in making your jewelry piece. Inadequate tools can ruin your piece or make you need to start all over again.

There are so many tools you need to master this craft but to get started you at least need to know ring clamp, bench pin, file, saw, mallet, ring mandrel, and buffer. The following gives you an overview of them and how each one works:

Ring Clamp: You use a ring clamp to hold anything (usually a small object) tightly so that you can do work on it.

Bench Pin: You use a bench pin to support the metal being worked on, especially being sawed.

File: A file may be the most often used tool in a jewelry maker's life. There are many types of files, and each one is fit for a certain situation. You use a file to file down your work to make it look smooth, or to get rid of unwanted edges or roughness.

Saw: I am not talking about a big, electric saw here. I am talking about a small hand saw that you use to shape metal.

Mallet: It is a hammer with a head made of wood or rawhide. You generally use it to shape your ring better.

Ring Mandrel: It is a steel bar on which you shape a ring round.

Buffer: A buffer is a big machine where you polish your piece by buffing it against a spinning wheel with a special polishing material on it. You can also get a portable polisher and it'll work nicely too! You have to replace polishing waxer bonnets periodically.

Pliers: A pair of pliers is used to bend or cut wires or things made of hard material. Since you work with wires in jewelry making all the time pliers are an indispensable part of your toolbox!

Cutter: A cutter is obviously a tool you use to cut. In jewelry making you use cutters all the time! You use them to cut decoration wires, necklace wires, designs, etc.

and many more...

Many people love to plunge in before knowing how some tools work, but in my opinion one should not start without familiarizing himself with the tools of trade. The thing is you want to do your work in the most efficient and painlessly manner, right? If so you really need to get to know the tools in the very beginning!

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