Aug 21, 2010

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Glass Fusing Gather Materials

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Amazon Like any other material, glass comes in different sizes, colors, and types for sale. It comes in full sheet, 1/2 sheet, or 1/4 sheet. Glass itself can be any color, and its type can be standard, standard iridescent, thin, thin iridescent, and so on. I just got some clear, thin glass and some white, thin glass because I didn't want to have too many colors in my work. I live by the motto, "Simpler is better." You actually have to plan ahead before you get your materials. For example if you want to make a small plate of a particular shape, you need to find an appropriate mold as well.

Here is a photo of one piece of white glass, one piece of clear glass, and one thin glass stick.

Material White Glass Clear Glass Stick

If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you!

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