Sep 28, 2010

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[SOLVED] Eclipse Content Assist Is NOT Working on Unix!

Amazon I CANNOT see Content Assist in Eclipse while pressing Control + Space. Why?? It's driving me nuts because I need Content Assist badly

More specifically I installed Eclipse IDE for C/C++ Developers Helios Version on my Linux machine which is running 64 bit Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. Pressing Control + Space in Eclipse should activate content assist so that it helps me finish what I want to type. It works in Eclipse installed on Windows OS and Mac OS. How comes it doesn't work in Eclipse installed on Unix?

The following are several possible causes and fix for each cause.

Make sure your bound keys are Control + Space
As funny as it sounds in Eclipse C/C++ IDE Helios running on 64-bit Unix Ubuntu, the keys bound to activate content assist by default are Alt + / (forward slash) not Control + Space!

Therefore simply open Windows -> Preferences window and go to C/C++ -> Editors -> Content Assist -> Advanced and here's the window you should see:

Eclipse Content Assist Advanced Window

Then click on Keys link at the right (or simply go to General -> Keys). Then you'll see a window allowing you to change binding keys of any available command like the following:

Eclipse Command Binding Keys Window

Make sure Control + Space is NOT used by another application!
The most common one is text language input function. If you enable English and another language as input languages make sure they are not using Control + Space to change between them.

That's it! Questions? Let me know!
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