Dec 13, 2010

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Why does the Projector Fail to Recognize My Windows PC?

Amazon I tried to connect my Windows laptop to the projector but it keeps failing to recognize it. Why? My colleague's laptop is the same model but it works.

Here are two possible reasons for this issue and solution of each.

Reason & Solution #1
If your computer does not automatically recognize the projector when they are connected to each other, make sure you set your PC's resolution correctly. In other words you need to set your PC's resolution to one that's supported by the projector. If you don't know what resolutions your projector supports simply try several resolutions until it works.

Set your PC's resolution to one that's supported by the projector!

Reason & Solution #2
Another possibility is that your computer has a setting that prevents it from recognizing external device automatically. In that case you need to manually switch to the projector view which is usually done via some hot keys.

On my ASUS laptop the hotkey is Fn + F8. If you don't know what yours is look it up in your computer's manual. If you lost the manual simply try Fn + F1, Fn + F2, Fn + F3, ... until you hit the write key combination!

If none of the above works let me know!
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