Dec 8, 2011

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A GREAT Treatment Paste To Mouth Canker Sore Spots! 嘴巴破掉怎麼辦?

Amazon My mouth just developed an oral ulcer. It HURTS like hell and turns eating into torture! What can I do??

If anyone is qualified to speak on this subject it'd probably be me as this happens to me very often. I've had orthodontic treatment when I was little but for some reason my teeth still tend to accidentally bite the inside of my mouth. When it happens it doesn't hurt too bad at first. The following day it'll develop into a mouth ulcer and it'll hurt for up to two weeks before it's healed.
Sometimes a canker sore just develops on its own on weird places such as on my gum. Wherever these annoying ulcerations are located they are the bane of my life and I need an EFFECTIVE way to solve this problem!

Read on to find ways to treat oral canker sores or oral ulcers.

You can get off-the-shelf oral treatment gel or paste such as "Dexaltin Oral Paste" (口炎寧口內膏) which looks like this:

It is EXTREMELY effective. I apply it every night on the affected area inside my mouth and it'll heal itself within three to five days! You should be able to get this paste online or at some pharmacy. If not get prescription from a dentist like I did!

You'll have to beef up your immune system by consuming all types of vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin B. Stock up on Vitamin B if mouth sores occur to you all the time and they'll come in handy. Stay away from irritating food items such as fried and spicy foods. Obviously increase the intake of vegetables and fruit.

Hope this article helps you get rid of those nasty open canker sore spots so you can enjoy eating again Questions? Let me know!
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