Jan 27, 2012

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How Do I Relieve My Severely Allergic Nose? 如何解決鼻子過敏?

Amazon I have a severely allergic nose and I sneeze and my nose is running all the time. WHAT CAN I DO?

I am in my twenties and I have had sever nasal allergies ever since I was a kid. Well my allergies are not severe enough that they would kill me; but they are severe enough to keep me awake all night long sniffing my nose, blowing my nose, and I gotta tell you: IT'S WORSE THAN DEATH. Below I will be sharing my personal experiences fighting nasal allergies and how I manage to contain them. They may or may not work for you but it doesn't hurt to try!

Solution #1: Take Medication. 吃藥.
Luckily I've come across an over-the-counter medication called Clarinase. 中文是 "康瑞斯", 藥房就能買到, 是我試過最有效的過敏藥, 完全沒有副作用. Here is a photo of its 14-tablet box:

Clarinase Repetabs Tablets Package

Here's a photo of its box's side which has Chinese translation:

Clarinase Repetabs Tablets Chinese Name

Here's a photo of its box's description:

Clarinase Repetabs Tablets Description

You take this medicine twice a day, one tablet a time. And you should be set for all day. I've heard doctors who take Clarinase more than twice a day and have no problems or side effects at all (康瑞斯完全沒有副作用). In fact I have taken this medication for more than half a year now and so far I have observed no side effects.

There are other over the counter allergy drugs out there like Claritin, Zyrtec, Dimetane, Tavist, Allegra, Benadryl. I've taken Claritin before and it works pretty well on me, but it is not as effective as Clarinase. With Clarinase I feel like my allergies are virtually gone!

What about folk medicine (偏方)? I cannot vouch for folk medicine as I have not had too much experience with folk medicine. However it behooves me to caution you against folk medication as it is generally limited to some segment of the population in some area and has not undergone legitimate testing or certification.
Solution #2: Take Foods that Lessen Allergies. 吃舒緩過敏的食物.
There are foods that help reduce the negative effects of nasal allergies. Google and you'll see a bunch. However what really work? Coconut oil, broccoli, fish, berries are four food items that have worked for me. You can easily find out online how their ingredients manage to ease allergies. For whatever reason these foods have worked wonders. As you can see there's no meat on the list because meat is the cause of all health issues. Cut down on your intake of meat!

Solution #3: Exercise. 運動.
There's is ABSOLUTELY NO substitute for exercise. Whatever physical exercise you do as long as it brings up your heart rate and metabolism you are in for a better shape and health.

As we know allergies are associated with genetics and can hardly if ever be improved with acquired means such as surgery or medication. In other words once you have allergies you will ALWAYS have them despite what you do. However EXERCISE is the ONLY means that MAY change your body's genetics makeup to ease allergies. It's a shame modern medicine cannot prove anything further but what do you got to lose? Just EXERCISE! Period.

Solution #4: Surgery. Wait are you sure?
If a surgeon tells you surgery can cure your allergies stand up and walk away. Surgery or any type of operation CANNOT cure allergies. Period.
Allergies are how your body respond to extraneous allergens as a result of your genetics makeup. Surgery such as septoplasty (歪斜鼻梁矯正) and turbinate reduction (息肉縮小) can only alter your nose's anatomy so that it allows for more air to flow through and therefore reduces the effects of allergies. These operations can NEVER eliminate your allergies!

Questions? Let me know! 有問題請發問!
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