Aug 22, 2012

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UHT vs Non UHT Heavy Cream

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Chocolate Mousse Cake for MomAmazon This article will give you a quick introduction of heavy cream. Heavy cream is liquid and looks like off white milk. Your can pour it out into a bowl smoothly and easily. There are two types of heavy cream: UHT and non-UHT. UHT heavy cream has no sugar and non-UHT heavy cream has sugar. Here's an example of UHT heavy cream:

UHT Heavy Cream

Here's an example of non-UHT heavy cream:

Non UHT Heavy Cream

The reason that whipped cream is not sold anywhere is that it is highly perishable. That's why you start with heavy cream and you whip and beat it until it becomes whipped cream. Then you use it immediately.

Without further ado let's see how we can quickly whip up (no pun intended) a chocolate mousse cake!

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