Aug 22, 2012

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Write on Chocolate Mousse Cake with Cream

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Write on Chocolate Mousse Cake with Cream
Chocolate Mousse Cake for MomAmazon Now you officially have a chocolate mousse cake! However it doesn't look too desirable does it? We gotta put some decorations on it! Before we do that let's melt some dark chocolate. Here's a photo of liquid dark chocolate:

Liquid Dark Black Chocolate

Then pour the chocolate fluid on the top to create a shiny chocolate layer on the top of the cake. Here's a photo of me pouring chocolate liquid on the cake:

Pouring Liquid Chocolate On Sponge Cake

So one way of decorating the cake is to put white cream around the cake.

Another way is to write characters on the cake. You simply roll a piece of wax paper into the shape of a funnel, cut off the tip a little, wrap some cream inside the funnel, and hold it in your hand and begin applying pressure to squeeze so that a steady, thin trail of cream comes out slowly. This is where it gets creative and personal. Here's a photo of the cake where I put "Happy Mother's Day Mama! I Love You!":

Chocolate Mousse Cake With Cream On The Sides And Words On The Top

Here's a photo showing the inside of the cake:

Chocolate Mousse Cake Inside

As you can see the mousse layers are THICK! I purposely made them thick so that the taste is as rich and delicious as possible!

Here's another cake for celebrating my dad's birthday. I didn't surround the cake with whipped cream.

Chocolate Mousse Cake for My Dads Birthday

A chocolate mousse cake may not seem special to you because you may think it's available at any bakery or patisserie or restaurant. It may be true but most of them are poorly made and they taste not as rich as you'd like because chocolate mousse is EXPENSIVE! To reduce cost the vendor would use as little mousse as possible and as much sponge cake as possible. Therefore if you want to make someone's day make them a chocolate mousse cake!

Questions? Let me know!

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