Jan 25, 2013

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A List of The Most USEFUL Hotkeys for Eclipse IDE. Learn ALL under 10 Minutes!

Amazon Eclipse IDE is one of the most popular integrated development environments for developers all over the world The list of actions that can be bound to hot keys and shortcut keys in Eclipse is huge, meaning you can use hot keys to easily perform a specific task to save time.

In fact if you save 3 seconds to take an action by using hot keys instead of using mouse and you take 100 such actions you save 300 seconds!

By the way I am using Eclipse for PHP Developers Version: 3.0.2

Some hot keys are INCREDIBLY useful but not many developers are aware of them, such as by default you can use 'Control + Shift + >' to find the matching HTML tag. Do you have any idea how useful it is? In a complex HTML document using hot keys could save you tens of seconds!

A Table of the MOST Useful Hot Keys in Eclipse that Every Developer MUST Learn!
ActionHot KeyNote
Content assistAlt+/Default hot key is Alt+/. I recommend that you change it to Control+Space in Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Keys
Find matching parenthesisControl+Shift+PFor example if you place cursor at { of some 'if' statement and press this hot key, cursor will jump to } of that 'if' statement. Press the hot key again to jump back.
Find matching HTML tagControl+Shift+>For example if you place cursor at <body> in an HTML document and press this hot key, cursor will jump to </body>. Press the hot key again to jump back. I found it to work with only HTML tags.
Delete a lineControl+D
Go to last edit locationControl+QControl+Q takes you back to the place where you last made a change. Use this hot key in conjunction with Alt+Left Arrow as you will find these hot keys complement each other!
Where was I?Alt+Left ArrowWorkbench editors keep a navigation history. If you open a second editor while you're editing, you can press Alt+Left Arrow to go back to the last editor. This makes working with several editors a whole lot easier. Use 'Alt+Right Arrow' to go forward. Use this hot key in conjunction with Control+Q as you will find these hot keys complement each other!
Search for a fileControl+Shift+RControl+Shift+R brings up a dialog that allows you to quickly locate and open any file in the workspace. This hot key works on every type of file in your workspace!
Move a line upAlt+Up arrow
Move a line downAlt+Down arrow
Copy current line upControl+Alt+Up arrow
Copy current line downControl+Alt+Down arrow

You won't be sorry.

A Table of Useful Shortcut Keys in Eclipse
ActionHot KeyNote
Delete previous wordControl+Backspace
Delete next wordControl+Delete
Delete to end of lineControl+Shift+Delete
Quickly switch editorControl+EYou can quickly switch editors using the Control+E which opens a list of all open editors. The list supports type-ahead to find the editor as well as allows you to close editors using a popup menu or the Delete key.

Learning all of these hot keys will guarantee to save you time and spare you frustrations while working in Eclipse!

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