Feb 3, 2013

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[SOLVED] How Do I Change Number Of Rows Displayed When Browsing a Database Table in phpMyAdmin?

Amazon phpMyAdmin is an extremely popular MySQL database manipulation tool on a web user interface written in PHP. You can easily browse the contents of each table of each database and change the content if you want. The problem is phpMyAdmin sets the number of rows to be displayed at 30 by default as the following screenshot suggests (red circle indicates row count):

phpMyAdmin Browse Database Table Default 30 Rows

In my situation I'd like to adjust that number to be larger. How do I set the default maximum number of rows shown when I am browsing a table in a database?

I am using phpMyAdmin
The solution is easy. Simply locate your phpMyAdmin's configuration file and change a setting in it. In my case my phpMyAdmin config file is located at C:\wamp2.2\apps\phpmyadmin3.4.10.1\libraries\config.default.php.

Open the file and change the following line:

$cfg['MaxRows'] = 30;

$cfg['MaxRows'] = 100;
Now the default number of rows shown when I browse some database table is set to 100. Log out of phpMyAdmin and log back in to see your change reflected!

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