Mar 6, 2013

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[SOLVED] PhpMyAdmin Inline Edit Does Not Work!

Amazon PhpMyAdmin is my favorite user interface for managing my MySQL database. When I select some rows to view I am given the option to 'inline edit'. I click on it and make changes and click Save. Then it says "loading..." and nothing happens.

How do I enable PhpMyAdmin Inline Edit function?

My PhpMyAdmin's version is One day I realized that the Inline Edit function stopped working. Finally I realized that to enable Inline Edit you need to see the left hand side panel. Suppose your PhpMyAdmin's root is http://localhost/phpmyadmin/, your landing page's prefix needs to be http://localhost/phpmyadmin/index.php.

If your current PhpMyAdmin page begins with http://localhost/phpmyadmin/db_export.php or http://localhost/phpmyadmin/tbl_structure.php simply go to PhpMyAdmin's root and click from there. Make sure you see the left hand side panel which shows the currently selected database and its list of tables. Browser some database table's records and try using Inline Edit function again.

It looks like when you click on Inline Edit, PhpMyAdmin checks the left frame for some data. If the left frame is missing PhpMyAdmin wouldn't be able to proceed. I'd consider this a bug because PhpMyAdmin could still function normally even without the left hand side panel.
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