Jul 21, 2014

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[SOLVED] Switching Language Input Method Quickly on Mac. Only One Keyboard Key is Needed!

Amazon I recently got a Macbook. I use both English input method and Traditional Chinese language input method very often, and I would like to switch between them very quickly. Specifically, when I am in the Chinese language input mode, I want to press a key to switch to English so I can type an English word, and then press the same key to switch back to Chinese. I do not want to use the complete hot key to switch between two languages, but such hot key is often a combination of two or more keys, and I find it inconvenient.

On my Macbook the complete shortcut key to switch between English and Traditional Chinese keyboard method is Command + Space Bar.

How do I easily switch between two language input methods without using the full shortcut key?


The solution is easy. When you are in the Chinese language input mode (or any other language input mode), simply press caps lock key. You are now in English language input mode. Type some English. Press caps lock key again to go back to Chinese input mode.

The answer is press caps lock key to change between input languages.

Isn't it simple? I cannot believe I could not find this solution on Google. That's why I decided to write this post. Hopefully it will rank high enough on Google so that you can find it and learn how to go from one keyboard input method to another by pressing one single key on the keyboard.

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