Dec 9, 2014

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[SOLVED] iOS Xcode Objective-C LLDB Debugger Prints Nothing! Why? How Do I Fix LLDB Debugger?

Amazon When I was debugging in Objective-C, I realized the lldb debugger was not responding to my debugging commands. When I run an lldb command, nothing comes out. It seems as if lldb is ignoring the commands and does not print anything in response. Such commands are "p <some primitive type variable>" and "po <some object>".

Why? How do I fix the Objective-C lldb debugger so that it prints results of running debugger commands?

I am using Macbook OS X version 10.9, Xcode version 5.0.2 (5A3005).

For the uninitiated, Objective C is a programming language used by Apple for the OS X and iOS operating systems, and their respective application programming interfaces, Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.


In the lldb console, where you see (lldb) in blue, notice there is a drop down list at the bottom with the following values:

All Output
Debugger Output
Target Output

Select All Output from the drop down menu and you'll see the results of running debugger commands.

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