Apr 6, 2015

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Solving Complicated Math Equations Online in One Second!

Amazon Suppose you would like to solve a complicated equation like the following:

Solve for x:
((1+x)^6-1) / x * (1+x) = 1064646

Is there a tool on the Internet to help you solve a complicated math equation in an instant? If so, what is it and how? 如何解一元 n 次方程式? 是否有解複雜的方程式的網站?

何謂一元n次方程式:含有一種未知數,如 x,且此未知數的次數是 n 次的算式,也就是 x^n,稱為一元 n 次方程式或一元 n 次式,如 ((1+x)^6-1) / x * (1+x) = 1064646。

Many tools on the Internet claim that they solve an equation, but they actually don't. I have done the research for you and have found the best tool to help you solve a complex equation like ((1+x)^6-1) / x * (1+x) = 1064646.


Please follow these steps to solve a Math equation. 請執行以下步驟,來找到你的方程式的解答。

1. Go to http://www.wolframalpha.com/ in your favorite web browser. Mine is Google Chrome. http://www.wolframalpha.com/ 可為你解答複雜的一元多次方程式,如一元七次方程式。

2. Key in "((1+x)^6-1) / x * (1+x) = 1064646" in the search field.

3. Press Enter.

Be mindful of the parentheses when you key in the equation. One misplaced parenthesis will give you bad results.

On the website, you should see Input, Alternate forms, Alternate forms assuming x>0, Real solutions, Complex solutions, Roots in the complex plane, Number line.

Real solutions should be what you are interested in. In this case, the approximate real solutions are the following:

x = -11.2628
x = 8.92772

Read on to see how you can verify these solutions in a split second.

How do you verify the answers?

To verify these solutions, simply plug in the number in the left side of the original equation. Let's try x = 8.92772. We get:

((1+8.92772)^6-1) / 8.92772 * (1+8.92772)

Google "((1+8.92772)^6-1) / 8.92772 * (1+8.92772)" and you will see 1064646.97518 as the answer, which is close to 1064646 enough.

Google is a strong calculator. Remember to use Google as a calculator next time. 谷歌是個強大的計算機,可幫助你證實解答。

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