Apr 23, 2015

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How Do You Remove Unwanted Object or Person From a Photo for FREE in MINUTES? 十分鐘就讓你把不想看到的東西從照片中刪除

Amazon Let's say you have a photo, and you would like to remove an unwanted object such as a person in your photo. How do you easily delete an object or a person in the foreground without hurting the background? In other words, how do you replace a part of the foreground in your photo with colors similar to the background so that it looks like that part never exists? How do you do it quickly and for free?

For example, how do you get rid of the umbrella in the photo below?


so that the photo becomes:

Beach without Umbrella

Follow the following easy steps and you can accomplish this objective within minutes!

This tutorial is for getting rid of unwanted objects in an image on Windows 7. If you use another operating system, you can still follow this tutorial and see if it works for you.

Step 1: Download and install GIMP

Download and install GIMP. Install the full version. My GIMP version is 2.8.14.

If you cannot find it, let me know.

Step 2: Download Resynthesizer v1.0

Resynthesizer is a GIMP plugin. At the time of the writing, you can find "Resynthesizer v1.0 for Linux and Windows" at http://registry.gimp.org/node/27986. The link to download the plugin is http://registry.gimp.org/files/Resynthesizer_v1.0-i686.zip.

If you cannot find it, let me know.

Step 3: Install Resynthesizer

To install Resynthesizer, simply place the following files at C:\Program Files\GIMP 2\lib\gimp\2.0\plug-ins. This is the folder of my GIMP program. Yours should be the same.

- plugin-heal-selection.py
- plugin-heal-transparency.py
- plugin-map-style.py
- plugin-render-texture.py
- plugin-resynth-enlarge.py
- plugin-resynth-fill-pattern.py
- plugin-resynth-sharpen.py
- plugin-uncrop.py
- resynthesizer-gui.exe
- resynthesizer.exe

Step 4: Open GIMP and remove the bad object

Run GIMP and follow these steps:

- Open the image
- Use Free Select Tool, or press the f key (lowercase f), and select the unwanted object in the image
- Filters -> Enhance -> Heal Selection
- Click OK

Now the unwanted object should be deleted in the image and filled with an artificial background which looks similar to the area surrounding it. It may not be perfect at the first time. In that case, repeat the steps above.

If you still cannot get it right, consult the Advanced section below.


In the Heal Selection dialog, here are what each parameter means.

Context sampling width (pixels): means how many rows or columns of pixels going from the edge of the selection to the specified direction in Sample from are put into consideration of re-constructing the selection.

Sample from: means which direction from the selection in which the pixels should be put into consideration of re-constructing the selection. "All around" means the area surrounding the selection. "Sides" means the left and the right side of the selection. "Above and below" means the top and the bottom side of the selection.

So suppose you are getting rid of a tree on a beach which is in front of an ocean, and you want the tree to be filled with the color of the ocean, then you would select "Sides". If you select "Above and below", the tree may be filled with the color of the sky and the beach.

Filling order: means the order in which the filling is applies. Play with the different settings to see what they look like.

If you want to learn advanced skills, here is an excellent video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8_ge9RxcSw.

If you have any questions let me know and I will do my best to help you!
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