May 7, 2015

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Where Are Firefox Greasemonkey Scripts Located on Windows 7?

Amazon I use Windows 7. My Firefox version is 37.0.2. I use the Greasemonkey add-on so I can modify the DOM of some webpage to meet my needs. One day I wanted to do a full re-installation of Firefox, and I wanted to back up all the Greasemonkey scripts. Questions is: Where are Greasemonkey scripts located on my PC? Where does Firefox store Greasemonkey scripts on Windows 7?

I cannot believe Google does not know the answer. Therefore I am writing this blog to help those in need.


Firefox's Greasemonkey scripts are stored at the following location:

C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\e2jqfdpg.default\gm_scripts

The directory e2jqfdpg.default may be named differently on your Windows PC.

If and after you uninstall the Firefox program via Control Panel -> Uninstall a program, this folder will still be there!


Suppose you do a full re-installation of Firefox. You can backup and copy this folder to the correct location and restart Firefox to see all your Greasemonkey scripts!

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