Dec 2, 2015

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Mac OS: How Do You Toggle HDMI Output? How Do You Turn Off Mirroring so the Big Screen is Blank?

Amazon When you hook up your Macbook Pro or Mac Mini to a big screen via HDMI, your Macbook automatically mirrors its screen to the big screen. Is there a way to toggle HDMI output on Mac OS? How can I turn off mirroring from my Macbook to the connected display screen?

The answer is yes. Here's how you adjust mirroring control when your Macbook is connected to a display.

How do you turn off HDMI mirroring between your Mac computer and a screen display?

Mac OS How To Toggle HDMI Output

Simply go to the top right corner to find the TV display icon and click on it, and you will see a list of options like the above screenshot shows.

The list of options includes the following:
AirPlay Display: Disconnected
Connect to AirPlay Display:
Display Mirroring: On
Turn Display Mirroring Off
Match Desktop Size To:
Built-in Retina Display
<your big screen's name>
Open Displays Preferences...
Suppose you want to..

turn off mirroring

You select Turn Display Mirroring Off.

Suppose you want to..

match desktop size to your Macbook or Mac computer's screen

You select Built-in Retina Display.

Simply play around with the settings and you'll see how everything works.

This tutorial applies to all types of Macbook computers and Mac Mini.

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