Oct 30, 2016

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Google Adsense Payment Method Change is Extremely Efficient! It takes only 3 Days!

Amazon Today I'd like to tell you how incredibly efficient Google Adsense payment method change is. In other words, I would like to answer the following question:

How efficient is Google Adsense payment method change?

Here's a live example from me. At some point I needed to create a new savings account and link it to my Adsense account. Here's what I did:

10/19: I created a new savings account on 10/19.

10/19: I changed the Adsense payment account to the new savings account in Google Adsense on 10/19.

10/20: Google said they'll make a small deposit soon. The deposit showed up on my new savings account on 10/20.

10/20 I verified my new savings account in Google Adsense on 10/20.

10/21: On 10/21 Google Adsense sent Adsense payment to my new savings account.

In other words, it took Google Adsense only 3 days to change, verify, and send payment to my new savings account.

If that's not efficiency I don't know what is.

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