Jan 21, 2017

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在台灣哪個廣告平台的收益最高?Best Ad Networks for Taiwan Websites!

Amazon 如果你的網站的主要訪客在台灣,而你想在你的網站上放廣告,而想知道台灣的哪個廣告平台或廣告聯播網或聯播網聯盟的收益最高,請參考我的結果,以下是我試了各種廣告平台的收益成果。

If you are wondering about the highest-paying ad networks for websites in Taiwan, look no further.

The following is a list of ad networks I have tried for my website 中英物語 ChToEn whose major audience is located in Taiwan. Click on each link to see the ad revenue I got from the specific ad network.

Google Adsense


Google Adsense is by far the best ad network there is out there. Google Adsense 是最好的。

GENIEE's ad revenue is about 40% that of Google Adsense's. Not bad either. GENIEE 也不錯。

Adcash's ad revenue for banner ads is bad, but its ad revenue for site-under ads is extremely high. Adcash 的彈窗式廣告的收益特別高。

Feel free to share with me your results.

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