Jan 21, 2017

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BloggerAds 廣告聯播媒體收益如何?

Amazon If you are a website owner and would like to make money by putting ads on your website, you may be wondering which ad network delivers the highest revenue. I have used BloggerAds (http://www.bloggerads.net/) with my website 中英物語 ChToEn before and I'd like to share my results with you.

By the way most of my website's audience is located in Taiwan.

如果你的網站的主要訪客在台灣,而你想在你的網站上放廣告,而想知道台灣的哪個廣告平台或廣告聯播網或聯播網聯盟的收益最高,請參考我用過 http://www.bloggerads.net/ 廣告平台的結果。部落格行銷 BloggerAds 是達摩媒體股份有限公司於2006年創立,為全台灣最大的部落格行銷的互動平台與廣告聯播媒體。

I joined the BloggerAds in 2014 and started showing their ad banners (廣告格式:直版) on my website, and here's the revenue results for running their ads for one year. For one million impressions I only earned NT$1000, which translates to NT$1 CPM. In my opinion BloggerAds' ad revenue is very low. If you experience very different results please share with me.

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