May 14, 2018

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Android Phone: Huge Weaknesses versus the iPhone!

Amazon I used to have an iPhone 6 Plus, and one day I switched to an Android phone called Oppo R11s. In about a week, I switched back, and I am going to tell you exactly why below. If you are thinking of switching from iPhone to Android, I highly recommend that you give it a good perusal before going down that path.

Android doesn't type punctuation marks during speech-to-text.

Both Android and iPhone have speech-to-text feature to facilitate typing text by you saying it. The big difference is, when you use iPhone, you can say "comma" for it to type an actual comma (,), and you can say "period" for it to type an actual period (.), but you can't do that with Android.

Android may not have the magnifying glass for correcting errors.

Let's say you copy some text and paste it on your phone somewhere, but you notice a mistake in the middle of the text. On iPhone, you press somewhere on the text with your finger long enough, and some visual aid (i.e. a magnifying glass) will come up to help guide you to exactly where you want to go. Android may or may not have this feature, and when it doesn't, it really sucks.

Android does not have smart Mandarin Chinese keyboard.

If you type Mandarin Chinese characters like I and hundreds of millions of others do, you will find it annoying that Android doesn't provide the smart bopomofo keyboard (the phonetic system for typing Chinese characters) like iPhone.

I cannot integrate my business and personal emails on Android.

I cannot integrate my business emails and personal emails into one single app on Android; it has to be two separate apps. On iPhone, however, I can configure the default Email app to work with both my business emails and personal emails such as Gmail and Yahoo. Now this may not be true for your Android phone, but I wouldn't be surprised if you had to jump through a million hoops to do that on Android.

On Android, sometimes you cannot copy text.

I noticed on my Android phone, when using the Facebook app, I couldn't copy the text in my FB's message box and/or FB's mailbox. On iPhone, I could. Now this could be due to the app itself and might not be Android's fault.

On Android, some apps are not easy to use.

When I was using the Google Map app on Android, it was just plain awkward. The screen would turn off while I was using it, and the map would do something to inconvenience me. It was utterly the opposite of user-friendly. My experience with using the same app on iPhone was much better and smoother.

The phone case's flap might block the fingerprint sensor.

This is on me, but the phone case I bought for my Android phone actually blocked the fingerprint sensor behind when the flap opened, and it was inconvenient for me to use the fingerprint-related functions.

Face unlock on Oppo was fast, but...

The Oppo phone came with the face unlock feature, and it was blazing fast. However, you need sufficient ambient light for it to work. Suppose you are driving at night, you won't be able to use this feature without turning on some light source inside the car.

Basically it means while you are driving at night, you won't be able to easily use the face unlock feature or the fingerprint unlock feature on Oppo. iPhone, however, has the Hey Siri feature which is useful for unlocking the phone while driving at night.

The weather app on Android sucks.

The weather app on my Android phone only had the highest and the lowest temperature and the weather for one full day, not hour-by-hour temperature breakdown and weather breakdown like the weather app on the iPhone. In many places in the world, the weather changes by the hour. It's extremely useful to know the weather by the hour, not by the day.

Again this may be due to the Android phone I used.

There's no Undo function on Android.

Android has no built-in way to retrieve text you accidentally deleted, or go back to the original version of text that you wrote. The iPhone, however, has the Undo feature. Simply lightly shake your iPhone for the Undo popup to show.

Questions? Let me know!

The following is the same thing in Traditional Chinese for my blog's Chinese readers:

我之前用的Android手機,Oppo R11S,有很多缺點,包括以下:

- 打字時可以用說的,但不能打出標點符號,例如逗點。

- 打了一串字後,當你想在中間修正錯誤,沒有像iPhone有個放大鏡指引你。

- 中文注音是全鍵盤,不像iPhone的智慧型半鍵盤。

- 無法把私人的Email跟公司的Email結合在一個app,只能分開,變成我每次都得check兩個app。

- 在Facebook app裡面,mailbox裡,居然無法copy text...

- 使用Google導航時,螢幕常常自動關掉,應該要像iPhone一樣聰明,知道使用導航的人希望螢幕要開著。

- 指紋解鎖很快,但如果你買的手機套的上方的套子擋住指紋感應器,用起來會比較麻煩。

- 臉部解鎖很快,辨識率也高,但晚上會因為光線不足無法使用臉部解鎖,例如晚上時想使用手機就會很麻煩,但iPhone至少有Hey Siri.

- 天氣app只有一整天的天氣,沒有每個小時的天氣,iPhone就有

- 沒有文字輸入的還原功能, iPhone搖一下就可以還原文字輸入

Questions? Let me know!
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