Jul 27, 2018

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[FIXED] Eclipse FTP Remote System Explorer Keeps Hanging and Gives Errors!

Amazon If you use Eclipse IDE and the Remote System Explorer perspective to connect to a remote box via FTP, you may encounter this situation. While connecting, Eclipse keeps hanging and outputting this error in Console:

425 ?L?k?????????s±??GOperation already in progress

450 LIST: Operation already in progress

Or it just keeps saying Pending... in the Remote Systems Explorer perspective.

Or it displays an error dialog "RSEG1066U" saying:

Operation failed with exception 'org.apache.commons.net.ftp.FTPConnectionClosedException: FTP response 421 received. Server closed connection.'

Why does Eclipse fail to connect to an FTP server while the other FTP client software such as WinSCP works fine?

How do you fix this stupid error? Surprisingly Google doesn't know. Now it does.


The fix is simply. In the Remote System Explorer, follow these steps:

1. right click on your FTP connection,

2. go to Connector Services,

3. click on FTP Settings under FTP Connector Service,

4. change passive from false to true.

Then restart Eclipse and try again. Eclipse should be able to connect to the FTP server and you can manage your files on the FTP server!

I am using Eclipse for PHP Developers (Version: Helios Service Release 2).

I am using Remote System Explorer End-User Runtime (Version: 3.2.2.R32x_v201102130925-7L78FA58SreKCHr_JG7UA8bra19p)

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