May 4, 2020

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Can an iPhone bought in a country be used in another country?

Amazon Let's say you bought an unlocked iPhone in some country such as the United States, can it be used in another country such as China or Japan?

你在美國買的開通的 iPhone 是否也能在台灣使用? 你在某個國家買的開通的 iPhone 是否也能在其他國家使用,而且不需要額外的設定?

This question assumes that you bought the iPhone at an Apple store or on Apple's official website.


Yes, it can. Let's say you bought an unlocked iPhone in the U.S., you can use it in Taiwan with any Taiwan's carrier. You do not need to do anything extra to get your local SIM card to work. Simply put it in your iPhone and it'll work. However, if it's a locked iPhone, you might need to follow a few instructions to get the local SIM card to work with it, or it might not work at all regardless of what you do.

你在某個國家買的開通的 iPhone 的確也能在其他國家使用,而且不需要額外的設定,直接把 SIM 卡插入即可。例如,你在美國買的開通的 iPhone 也能在台灣直接使用。

但是,如果你買的是鎖住的 iPhone,你就可能需要做額外的設定,或可能根本無法使用了。

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