Sep 4, 2010

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Removing Paint From Concrete Floor in MINUTES!

Amazon I just finished painting my kitchen walls and now I am having a hard time cleaning paint stains off the floor. Any tips? Sure! First of all it's a great idea to duck tape newspaper on the floor before you paint so that you won't get any paint on the floor when you are done. Next time you know better

That said if are trying to get paint stains off the floor or any concrete surface, try the following two tools. I've found them especially effective:

Steel Sponges
Amazon They are EXTREMELY effective in removing random sloshes and strips of paint stains. They look like:

Stainless Steel Sponges for Removing Paint

Steel Scrapers
Amazon They are great for removing sizable drops of paint stains. A small stainless steel scraper looks like this:

Steel Scraper

Amazon The blade of a steel scraper works wonders when it comes to removing dry, bulging drops of paint! If you can't find one you can use a steel shovel or chisel or threaded spade. A steel chisel looks like:

Steel Chisel for Removing Paint

And a steel threaded spade looks like:

Steel Treaded Spade for Removing Paint

As you can see their blades are GREAT for scraping the paint off any surface! Just scrub and scrape the stains switching between steel sponges and steel scraper and you'll see how effective a team they make

Now you should be able to remove the toughest paint stains from the concrete surface or any hard floor surface! Once you remove the paint stains simply sweep them up and throw them away.

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