Aug 21, 2012

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Checkout an SVN Project In Eclipse For Development

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Checkout an SVN Project For Web Server
Checkout an SVN Project In Eclipse For Development
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Amazon In this tutorial you'll learn how to checkout an SVN project in Eclipse IDE for development purposes. You or some developer can make changes to the working copy and commit the changes, which will be reflected in your SVN program.

To check out code in Eclipse you need to install Subclipse. Once you've done it, in Explorer panel right click your mouse and select New -> Other and pick SVN. Here's a screen shot:

Eclipse SVN Checkout Wizard Dialog

Click Next. Select 'Create a New Repository' and click Next. In the Url field type 'svn://ubuntu@' and click Next. Enter user name 'ubuntu' and password 'ubuntupassword' as you are prompted.

Follow the prompt to download the entire repository or just part of it by clicking on a directory inside the repository tree list and click Next. Here's a screen shot:

Eclipse Remote SVN Directory Repository

Once you are done you should see your Eclipse workspace with Explorer panel filled with the checked out files! Here's a screen shot:

Eclipse PHP Explorer After SVN Checkout Repository

If you don't care about security while transmitting your code back and forth from your SVN server then stop here. Otherwise read on!
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